Name Kitu
Meaning Something (Swahili)
Species Hyena
Affiliation(s) The Hyenas
Close Relations

Daughter of Shenzi and Banzai, sister of Kila and NaZaidi, and friend of Waanzin

Kitu is a female hyena and a minor character in my (Ladybernard's) fanfiction, Lion King 3: Hyena Rules (Page).

Kitu is the daughter of Shenzi and Banzai, the sister of Kila and NaZaidi, and the cousin/friend of Waanzin. She will not be included in the sequel, Upelelezi's Journey.


Kitu's plays a very minor role in the story. She is first seen as a cub (slightly older than Waanzin) in chapter two, then as a teenager, and is seen in chapter nine, playing with her siblings, along with Waanzin and Kizazi. Kitu is seen again in chapter eleven


Kitu cub

Cub Kitu

Kitu appears more wolf-like in appearance than most hyenas (this is interesting, because her sister, Kila, is more dog like), and is much more masculine. Her most noticable features are her small, slicked-back mane, and lack of eyerings. Also, her socks are very short, her tail is thick, her eyes are very small, and she has very short, stalky legs. Another noticable feature, her stomach fur-color doesn't extend to stomach, and is only on her face and chest!

As a cub, Kitu had even less of a mane, which was really just a tuft of fur on the top of her head. Also, her cubhood stripes evolved into spots.


Kitu only has a couple of lines, but he is shown to be much like Banzai.