Kirgu is the ruling king of the Nyasi Pride and the father of Eclipse. Kirgu is consitered a good king by his subjects. He thinks up good ideas that benifit the whole pride. However, he has a bad habit of letting his wife, Kama control his desitions. Kama often forces him to make laws that benifit her and hurt the rest of the pride. Aside from that, Kirgu is very regal and respected. He has always had a love for making the pride better. He cares about Eclipse, Sultan, and Leeyya very much. His ideas often contradict with Eclipse, so they fight alot, but they still love eachother unconditionally.

Kirgu was created by User: District10male


Like Eclipse, Kirgu has yellowish-orange-brown fur. His mane is jet black (formally there was some gray strands but he fixed them with dyes). Kirgu's paws are smaller than average, and he has a black spot on the back of his right leg.

Appearences in Fanfictions

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