Precious one; beloved
Kion and the Lion Guard, Dogo, and Umbali Valley
Princess of Umbali Valley
The Lion Guard
Close Relations
Aziza(mom), Chane(dad), Kion(crush), Fuli(prideland best friend), Beshte(close friend)

Kipenzi is a fanmade character by AmberJackson136. Kipenzi is princess of Umbali Valley, a neighboring kingdom of the Pridelands. She is the only cub of King Chane and Queen Aziza.


Kipenzie is a fun loving adventure seeking cub. She always enjoys playing baobab ball with one of her many friends when she has the time. Of all the games she plays hide and seek is definitely her favorite she is the best at it. Although she is at times very energetic she is very caring, loyal, and kind. She always takes the circle of life into consideration. Some Prideland animals believe she doesn't think things through, when on the contrary she is very level headed. She isn't like Bunga she always thinks things through to determine the best solution to a problem. Her adventurous spirt often leads her in to trouble but with her cunning she is always able to get out of it.


Kipenzie bares a certain resemblance to her mother when she was a cub. She has her mother diamond shaped mark and eyes. Her main pelt is a dark shade of walnut, with her underbelly being a beautiful gold tan. Kipenzie has a dark wineberry pink nose and moss green eyes. Her diamond and muzzle matches her underbelly.


The Lion Guard

Kipenzie was born on a real rainy day in Umbali Valley. She is the only cub of Queen Aziza and King Chane, making her heir to the throne. She has more freedom than the neighboring pride's princess. Her friends in Umbali valley consist of two lion cubs, an Okapi, a rhino and an alligator all fairly close to her age. 
One rainy day she was patrolling the valley to make sure everyone was safe when she saw a gazelle caught in a muddy river. She couldn't leave her there so she decided to help. She got down in the bud while her friend tried pulling on the gazelles antlers. They were able to get it free but she got stuck in the mud. A flash flood came barreling down the river and she got swept way down stream into the next pride. 
When she woke up she wasn't exactly sure where she was or how to get home. Being an adventurous cub she decided to look around not aware of the danger looming. While exploring she was pursed by Janja and his crew. Lucky for her she was rescued by the Lion Guard.