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Kion and Kiara are siblings.

Their incredibly affectionate bond is the central focus of Fanfics.

  • She taught Kion the importance of listening to others.
  • Kion holds a very special place in Kiara's heart.
  • Kiara insisted that Simba tone down his overprotective nature for Kion's sake.
  • She's reluctantly supportive of Kion's love for Fuli.
  • Kion enjoys having fun with his friends and his older sister.
  • Kiara is shown to act loving and protective towards her brother.

Kion considers Kiara to be his favorite confident.

They often spend time together in The Meadow.

They enjoy playing Baobab Ball and wrestling.

They show their affection for each other through various ways

No Worries Vacation

Kiara comforts Kion as Simba and Nala are leaving and assures her parents she can take care of him, Kion goes to Kiara for comfort and love and Kiara gives it without fail.

An Enjoyable Evening

Kiara and Kion spend most of the fanfic together and their relationship is shown in depth as they enjoy wrestling and Kiara takes care of Kion on the walk home.

A Morning Walk

Most of the fanfic centers on Simba and Kion's relationship, but Kiara and Kion's relationship is mentioned several times.

When Simba and Kion returned home, Kion consulted Kiara for answers on Simba's sternness and Kiara explains.

Under the Stars

Kiara takes Kion stargazing and reflects on how she had felt when she found out she was going to be a big sister, and Kion is happy to spend time with Kiara.

Bedtime Stories

Kiara puts Kion to bed and he asks about Mufasa. She explains him.

Enemy Invasion

Kiara takes care of Kion during the invasion and Kion stays close to Kiara during the ordeal.

A Close Call

Kion and Kiara's relationship is a major part of the fanfic.

Kion makes friends with a snake and Kiara comes to his rescue.

Afterwords she lectures him but promises to not tell Simba and Nala.

Wandering in the Shadows

This fanfic focuses on Kovu and Kion's relationship but Kion and Kiara's is referenced.

A View Upon the Ancestors

Kiara and Kion were together for most of the fanfic until Kion went to sit with his grandmothers.

Familial Bonding

This fanfic focuses on Kiara and and Nala's relationship but Kion and Kiara's relationship is mentioned.

When Simba and Kovu return with Kion Kiara puts him to bed.

Babysitting Adventure

Kiara and Kovu babysit. Kiara watches.

Brotherly Bonding

Kiara and Kovu spend time with Kion at the waterhole and Kiara listens as Kovu tells Kion about Zira.

A Sudden Arise

Kiara protects Kion during the fire and Kion huddles close to Kiara

A Joyful Occurrence

It is revealed that Kiara made a promise to Kion at his birth.

A Gaze Into Paradise

Kiara takes care of Kion  during the invasion and Simba and Nala's absence.

Family Vacation

The Royal Family take a vacation to Upendi,

Kovu and Kiara show Kion around Upendi.

They share a den with Kion,

Late Night Thunderstorm

Kiara comforts Kion during the storm and sings a lullaby.

A Problem in the Savannah part one and two

In part one Kiara and Nala take Kion home while Simba and Kovu deal with the enemy and in part two Kiara and Kion learned about Kopa.

Unexpected Reunion

Kiara and Kion meet Kopa and Kion huddles against Kiara.

Sibling Bonding

Kiara and Kion show Kopa around the kingdom.

A Love That Never Dies

Kion and Kiara take part in Kopa's wedding and gain Clea as a sister.

A Joyful Occasion

Kiara gives birth to Belee and Denahi and allows Kion to witness it and hold them.

A Wonderful day

Kiara and Kion gain a niece and nephew when Kopa and Clea have cubs.

Unexpected Romance

Kiara and Kion take part in Vitani's wedding.

Surprising Event

Kiara and Kion gain a niece when Vitani has her cub.

Darkness Before Dawn

Kion overhears Kovu and Kiara talking and believes Kiara will leave him.

Diffcult Disscussion 

Kiara reflects on how lucky Kion, Kopa, and herself are to have Simba and Nala.

Romantic Getaway

Kion bids a tearful goodbye to Kiara

It is implied that this is the first time they are separated

Kiara comforts Kion

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