Kion and Kiara are siblings.

  • Kion holds a very special place in Kiara's heart.
  • Kiara insisted that Simba tone down his overprotective nature for Kion's sake.
  • Kiara's name was Kion's first word.
  • Kiara learned about maternal affection due to her assistance in raising Kion.
  • They both adore Marigold.
  • Kion considers Kiara to be his favorite confident.
  • They often spend time together in The Meadow.

No Worries Vacation

  • Kion and Kiara bid farwwell to their parents.
  • Kiara promises to take care of Kion.
  • She comforts him, as Simba and Nala depart.

An Enjoyable Evening

  • Kion and Kiara spend time at The Meadow with their family.

A Sudden Arise

  • Kiara helps protect Kion during the fire.

Enemy Invasion

  • Kiara helps protect and comfort Kion during the invasion.

A Gaze into Paradise

  • Kiara takes care of Kion during the absence of their parents.

A Romantic Getaway

  • Kion bids a tearful farewell to his older sister.
  • It is strongly implied that this is the first time they've been separatedl

A Close Call

  • Kiara protects Kion from Helga.
  • She gently scolds Kion.

Family Vacation

  • Kion and Kiara spend time together at Upendi.

Late Night Thunderstorm

  • Kiara comforts Kion during the storm.
  • She sings a lullaby to soothe him.

A Joyful Occurrence

  • Kiara reacts with extreme delight to Kion's birth.

A Joyful Occassion

A Promising Friendship

  • Kiara helps Simba explain the Lion Guard.
  • She expresses worry over Kion's new role.
  • She scolds Kion after finding out about his relationship with Fuli.

Love Always Finds a Way

A Celebration to Remember

Visiting the Outlands

Return to the Outlands

A Sibling For Nita

Standing Strong

Defending The Pridelands

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