Kion and Belee are relatives and friends.

They've been described as having an affectionate relationship.

  • Kion adores his nieces.
  • He and Belee often spend time together playing Baobab Ball.
  • Kion often acts as the voice of reason to Belee.

He and Denahi often explain the aspects of the Pridelands to her.

Joyful Occassion 

Kion witnesses Belee's birth.

Wonderful Day 

Kion   and Belee   witness Kenai and Kia's birth.

Danger Is Near 

Kion and Belee witness the invasion.

Unexpected Romance 

They take part in Vitani's wedding.

Surprising Event 

They welcome Nita into the family

Romantic Getaway

They bid goodbye to Kovu and Kiara

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