Kion (Gracekim12's Fanfics)
Angry Kion
Kion (May be short for kiongozi)
The Lion Guard (Formerly)
Prince of Pride Rock
Leader of the Guard(Formerly)
The Dark Roar Rises (As a Cub and Adult) The Dark Roar Returns (As an Adult)
Close Relations
Scar and Zira (Due to the events of 'The Dark roar Rises)
Prince Kion is the son of Simba and Nala.


He resembles his father and grandfather, but has spots on his legs to distignish himself from the two. with his lionhead mark.

When he's older, he gets a full mane but no longer has the lionhead symbol.

His eyes are now a darker shade of orange, due to Scar and Zira influencing him personally.


Orignally, Kion was a obedient cub who loved to play with his friend Bunga. Once he became a leader, he took his responsabilty seriously that when provoked at the mention of his family being threatened in anyway, he would get very defensive and angry.

Once he met Ghost Scar a few times and gave the outsiders a chance to explain their side of the stories, his outlook began to slowly change to be more akin to Zira's. Even then, his softer side was burried very far by the time he embraced his new philophy and roared at his former family.

Now he has a dark outlook on life with Scar and the backlands pride occasionally as companion, Kion was now a transformed adult lion with a deep craving for a stragistic revenge.


Father: Simba (Banisher)

Mother: Nala

Sister: Kiara

Brother: Kopa (Deceased/ Victim)

Grandfathers: Mufasa and Nyekundu (Deceased)

Grandmothers: Sarabi and Sarafina (Deceased)

Brothers-in-law: Kovu and Nuka(Deceased)

Sister-in-law: Vitani

Nephews: Chaka and Enzi

Niece: Aisha

Great-Uncle: Scar (Deceased/Ally)


  • Kion is currently somewhere in the Backlands getting information on the Pridelands and Outlands from the vultures and planning his next move with Scar's occasional assistance.
  • Both Fuli and Jasiri had a crush on him but he turned them both down.
  • Kion got to help Kovu train in my story.
  • He can no longer use the roar
  • He still has his shocking fighting skills he showed off as a cub
  • He may try to do his own thing at some point