Name Kila
Meaning All (Swahili)
Species Hyena
Affiliation(s) The Hyena Clan
Close Relations

Daughter of Shenzi and Banzai, sister of Kitu and NaZaidi, friend of Waanzin

Kila is a female hyena and a minor character in my (Ladybernard's) fanfiction, Lion King 3: Hyena Rules (Page).

Kila is the daughter of Shenzi and Banzai, sister of Kitu and NaZaidi, and the cousin of Waanzin. She will not be included in the sequel, Upelelezi's Journey.

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Kila plays a very minor role in the story. She is first mentioned in chapter two (as a cub slightly older than Waanzin), is later seen as a teenager, then seen again in chapter nine, playing with her siblings, along with Waanzin and Kizazi. Kila is seen again in chapter eleven.


Kila cub

Cub Kila

Kila looks very much like her mother, Shenzi, as she has the same coloring and similar bangs. She appears more dog-like than the other hyenas in her clan (this is strange, as her sister looks more wolf-like), and she has fluffy cheek tufts. Kila has bright yellow eyes (much like Waanzin), and brown spots, as well as a spiky mane, and large paws.

As a cub, Kila resembled her mother much less, had a scruffier mane (yet still very spiky) and tail, and much droopier eye-rims, similar to Nuka's. Also, her ears used to be much, much rounder.


Kila only has a few lines, but she seems to be much like Shenzi