Name Kijinga
Meaning Stupid (Swahili)
Species Lion
Affiliation(s) The Graveyard/Mountain Pride (queen)
Close Relations

Mother of Neo, former mate of Ni

Kijinga is the former queen of The Graveyard/Mountain Pride (she became queen again, later, after Zira's death). She is Ni's former mate, and Neo's mother, in my (Ladybernard's) fanfiction, Lion King 3: Hyena Rules (Page). She is not included in the sequel, Upelelezi's Journey.

Note: If you want to use my character or change their picture, please ask me first.


Kijinga has the lanky, scrawny build of

Kijinga as a cub, before gaining her wounds

an Outlander, as well as the angular nose and the extended claws of one. She has a light black coat, with a gray underbelly and gray eye-rims. Strangely, her muzzle is only half colored, colored on her chin (in this way she resembles Tanglemane). She has unusual white ear-rims and a dark gray tail-tuft. Her nose is bright pink (like Neo's), and her eyes are a very light blue. Kijinga's most noticeable features are the large scars on her nose and snout, and her shredded ear.

It is revealed in her cubhood picture, that Kijinga used to have a fluffy head tuft, as well as a fluffy chest.


Neo and ni

Kijinga's son (Neo) and mate (Ni).

Although her personality isn't gone into in detail, Kijinga seems to be quite headstrong and brave, talking back to Zira constantly (although this may just be stupidity). She also clearly loves her son, convincing Zira to let Neo become king (as Ni had always wanted). It is evident that Kijinga didn't care much for her title as queen, giving it up to Zira right after she murdered Ni (who it is unlikely that she loved, as she did not react negatively to Zira assuming the throne).


  • 'Kijinga', in Swahili, means 'stupid'. This is meant to be a joke about the Graveyard Lionesses, who have a reputation for not being very smart.
  • Kijinga's name has been misspelled as 'Kijingi' (which has no meaning in Swahili) on multiple occasions, but this has always been fixed.
  • Inspiration for Kijinga comes from Spear, Makenna, and Neo.

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