African wildcat
Close Relations

Kijana is a male African wildcat. 


Kijana is a small young cat with a round face framed with fluff. He has small ears, a pinkish-brown nose, and pale leaf-green eyes. His short fur is tawny, with black bands on his short legs and long, thick tail. Both his face and his pale orange underbelly are striped with ginger, and his ears are chesnut in color. Kijana's legs are relatively short, and his paws are slightly over-sized.


A curious and spirited youth, Kijana is always eager to explore and play. He is innocent and carefree, having yet to have faced cruelty in his life. This causes him to be somewhat naive, and he doesn't understand why his sister no longer enjoys his company, despite it being the time for them to each go their own ways. A very sociable animal, Kijana is willing to make friends with anyone who takes the time to talk to him, and frequently attempts to engage others in conversation. Unlike most of his kind, Kijana prefers the day to the night, and is most active when the sun is up.


Early Life

Kijana and his sister Msichana were born in the Drylands in the outskirts of the Kavu Sana Plains. Their mother was able to keep them hidden from the Moyo Hodari Pride, but eventually moved her kittens closer to the Mkondo River, in the Uotaji Woods. There she raised them, and soon it was time for them to part ways. Kijana was disappointed to see his mother leave, but Msichana was eager to be on her own.

The Drylands

Kijana and Kupatwa

Kijana and Kupatwa

Kijana awakens in the Uotaji Woods. He ventures to the Mkondo River and takes a drink. There, he meets a melanistic serval. He greets her, and is pleased when she greets him in return and asks his name. He begins to ask why her fur is black, but decides to inquire her name first. She tells him that her name is Kupatwa, and he realizes that she is shy, though still kind. He proceeds to note that her fur is different than most other servals, but adds that he is different from most of his kind as well; he prefers to be active at day rather than night. She tells him a bit more about herself and asks if he enjoys swimming. Before he can fully respond, he is kicked into the Mkondo River by Inayotaka.

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