Cape dog
In the Dawn's Light
Close Relations
A Friendly Lion
Kigaga is a female Cape dog and a Drylander.


Short, lean, and knottily-muscled, Kigaga is a rather unattractive Cape dog with a short, square muzzle and a pair of very large, mouselike ears. Her pelt is a mottled patchwork of black and yellowish tan, with some blurred streaks and blotches of white along her back. A mask of dark fur covers her face and girds her deep brown eyes. White spots dappling her legs blend with the black fur there, giving them a rather grizzled appearance. Her forelegs are long and rather muscular, as if compensating for her scrawny haunches. She has long white teeth and jagged black claws, often clogged with dirt.


Kigaga is a fierce and bellicose animal, always ready for a fight. She rarely backs down, and is known to treat the whole world as her enemy, with the exception of her family. She is loyal to her pack, and requires them to return that loyalty. Her children fear the sharpness of her teeth and tongue, both of which she will employ when disciplining them. To her mate, she is curt and snappish, though she will occasionally try to display her affection for him. She has a personal disliking of lions, believing them to be stuck-up.


Early Life

Kigaga was born a short distance from the Drylands. When she was a young adult, she became mates with a male named Mpatanishi.

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