Kifo is a lion/ tiger hybrid, a villain and distant relative to Kion and Kiara. He is the grandson of Scar. His origins surrounding this are somewhat mysterious, as he never talks about them much. He discovered an ancient artifact of centuries ago, which gave the user control over the elements, provided the user was at a place of sufficient magical power. After trying to destroy multiple kingdoms, but failing due to The White Cloak, he arrived in the Pridelands, where he teamed up with the Outlanders to defeat the Lion Guard.


He is a liger, or a lion/tiger hybrid. He is tannish orange, with dark blue eyes. He has white stripes instead of black, and a little tuft of hair under his chin, like Scar. He usually wears a dark brown cloak. Later, after taking a full on blast from The Roar of Elements, he is missing fur around his right eye, left front leg, and along his spine.


  • His name means, "Death" in Swahili.

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