Name Kifo (Nickname "The Dead Prince"
Meaning Death
Species Lion

Born in the Hodari Pride,Pridelanders

Close Relations

Son of Maliki and Weza, Brother of Mosi and Zeru-Zeru, Mate of Zizi

Kifo is the 3rd born son of Maliki. He was thought to be dead after Jumping off of PrideRock when he was a cub. Jasiri and Mti  dared him to jump of Pride Rock. He is the brother of Mosi and Zeru.


He is very similar to Kion. He has a red hair tuft. He has red fur on his tail. He has cheek hair, which he grows out of when he is an adult. He has orange fur and cream-orange stomach fur. He also has the same cream-orange color around his eyes. He has red foot pads. He looks similar to Maliki's father as a cub.


Kifo has a very strange personality. He seems to  have  Dissociative Identity Disorder, making him have multiple personalities.  He can act very boastful, shy, angry, sad, romantic, and rude/mean.


Kifo seems to have a traumatizing backstory. He got bullied by multiple cub lions as a cub. They would beat him up. That all changed when he met other bully victims, Mti and Jasiri. He met them because there parents were friends. One day he was at Priderock and they dared him to jump off of it and land on all fours. He did it, but went into deep slumber. He woke up at the Graveyard and ran away, similar to his brother Mosi.

Early Ideas

Early Ideas for Kifo was for his name to be Msingi, meaning Foundation. But that named changed to Kifo for the meaning. 


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