Kiara and Nala are relatives..

Their bond is described as warmhearted and affectionate.

  • Kiara desperately wants to make Simba and Nala proud of her.
  • Nala shows an immediate support in Kiara's judgment.
  • They're both supportive of Kion's new role.
  • They are both supportive of Simba's decisions.
  • They enjoy spending time together.

Nala is teaching Kiara about what it takes to become a good ruler.

She dotes on Kiara's children

No Worries Vacation 

  • Kiara and Nala exchange a heartfelt farewell before Simba and Nala depart.
  • Kiara assures Nala that she can take care of the hunting party and Kion

An Enjoyable Evening 

  • Kiara and Nala spend quality time together in the meadow with the rest of the family.
  • Nala watches Kion and Kiara playing and reflects on how much they mean to her and how much she loves them.

Familial Bonding 

  • Nala and Kiara spend quality bonding time together.
  • Kiara confides in her mother.
  • Nala comforts Kiara

Babysitting Adventure 

  • Simba and Nala ask Kiara and Kovu to babysit Kion.

Bedtime Stories 

  • Nala calls Kiara inside to put Kion to bed

Enemy Invasion 

  • Nala comforts Kiara during the invasion.
  • Nala entrusts Kiara to look after Kion.
  • Kiara comforts Nala when Simba and Kovu leave.
  • Kiara struggles to keep calm and not show Nala how scared she is.

A Hunting Experience

  • Nala and Kiara hunt together.
  • Nala warmly praises Kiara.
  • Kiara accepts the praise.

A Sudden Arise

  • Nala protects and comforts Kiara during the fire.

A Joyful Occurrence

  • Kiara witnesses Kion's birth.
  • Nala allows her to hold Kion.

A Gaze into Pardise

  • Kiara struggles to run the kingdom and take care of Kion in her parents absence.
  • Nala worries constantly about Kiara and Kion.
  • They exchange a heartfelt reunion.
  • Nala maintains shakey faith in Kiara

Family Vacation 

  • Kiara and Nala take part in the family vacation.

A Problem in the Savannah

  • In Part 1 Nala and Kiara are ordered by Simba to take Kion home.
  • In Part 2 Simba and Nala tell Kion and Kiara about Kopa.

Unexpected Romance

  • Nala and Kiara are reunited with Kopa.
  • Kiara and Kion meet Kopa for the first time.

Sibling Bonding

  • Nala allows Kion and Kiara to spend time with Kopa.

A Love That Never Dies

  • Kiara and Nala take part in Kopa and Clea's wedding.

A Joyful Occurrence

  • Kiara gives birth to Belee and Denahi.
  • Nala becomes a grandmother.
  • Nala helps Kiara with the birth.

A Wonderful Day

  • Kiara and Nala gain two new members of the family when Kopa and Clea have cubs.

A Unexpected Romance

  • Kiara and Nala take part in Vitani's wedding.

A Suprising Event

  • Nala and Kiara gain a new family member when Vitani has her cub.

Motherly Advice

  • Kiara and Nala spend time with Belee and Denahi in the meadow

Diffcult Disscussion

Kiara reflects on how lucky she and her brothers are to have Simba and Nala.

Romantic Getaway

Nala bids goodbye to Kiara

Nala promises to take care of Belee, Kion and Denahi

Dangrous Adventure

  • Nala and Kiara encounter Helga
  • Nala defends Kiara
  • Nala comforts Kiara

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