Title: Part 1
Creator: Theultimatelifeform
Main Character:Kiara
Other Characters:Kion,Kovu,Zuri,Rafiki,Bunga,Mzingo,Janja and Tiifu

Author's Note:This is my Sequel to Simba's Pride!

It was a perfect day..The Birth of Kovu and Kiara's son,Kimba.Simba and Nala had recently passed away,so it was up to Kiara and Kovu to rule,With Kion still being the leader of the lion guard.

After Rafiki showed the whole kingdom the newborn,Kiara walked over to her Younger brother and her 2 best friends,Zuri and Tiifu.

Congratulations,Kiara! Tiifu told her friend.Tiifu was the youngest lioness in the pride,so she was the kindest in the pride.

Thanks,Tiifu Kiara replied with a smile,then saw her younger brother looking nervous,What's wrong,Kion?

How will Kimba's birth affect the ammount of attention you give me,Zuri and Tiifu? Kion asked and Kiara raised an eyebrow.

Kion,You're my brother..I wouldn't give up on you just like that. Kiara assured her brother as Kovu walked over.

Yeah,so we will give you 3 attention while also Doing Royal stuff. Kovu said

the 2 Monarchs went into the den with their cubs while Kion walked to the lair of the lion guard.

How was it Kion? Bunga the Honey badger asked his best friend,who shrugged.

The Cub's Ok,Im just worried on how this would affect how Kiara thinks of me. Kion said and Bunga smiled.

Hakuna Matata,Kion,everything will be ok. Bunga told his friend,who nodded.

Little did they know,Mzingo the Vulture was overhearing them.

A New Cub...Interesting. Mzingo said as he flew off.

Mzingo flew to a volcano in the outlands.

Mzingo Landed on a rock facing the Leader of the hyenas,Janja.

What is it,Mzingo? Janja asked his Majordomo.

I believe that theres a new cub in the Pridelands,Janja. Mzingo told Janja.

I can't believe it...This will not be good for the hyenas are running low on food anyway,so we need to go hunt down food for us. Janja said,Get everyone else..We're going Hunting tonight.

Yes,Sir. Mzingo said,then flew off to get the other Hyenas.

Tonight,I get my revenge on Kion and his family... Janja said as he walked back into the volcano.

Each and every member of it..

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