Kenya is a fictional character created by both ~MelCaines and daliArts20. She is the daughter of Namani and Sefu, twin sister of Shani, and the younger half-sister of Kali. Also the mate of Prince Leo, mother to Chaka and Zuri, and grandchild of Ni and Sanaa.


Kenya has an orange-brown fur, dark green eyes, black, outlander nose, uncoloured paws, brown tail-tuft, and thick eyebrows.

She is described as a long-bodied, and well-built lioness. She is very attractive.


Both as a cub and adult, she is responsible and wise, but loving and playful. As a mother, she is a sweet, but fierce mother, willing to protect her cubs in any signs of danger.


       "Her story has changed a bit, so, we will be back very soon to update it. Thanks."