Name Keela Meaning unknown
Family Scar (father), Zira (mother), Azra (sister), Chumvi (brother), Malka (brother), Tama (aunt), Simba (cousin), Mufasa (uncle), Sarabi (aunt), Ni (uncle), Ahaidi (grandfather), Uru (grandmother), Kovu (adopted brother), Nuka (brother), Vitani (sister).
Appearances The Lion King 2 (background), The Lion King 4: The Scar
Voice Actor Tabitha St. Germain

Love Interests


Early Life

Keela was the second born of Scar and Zira at Pride Rock. Keela enjoyed hunting with Azra and her mother and the other lionesses. Like her mother, siblings, aunt, uncle, and the rest of Zira's old Pride, she too was banished during Mufasa's reign because they were considered a bad influence for the newborn Simba. While exiled, Keela went around hunting mice and buzzards with Malka.

Return to Pride Rock

After Scar killed Mufasa, Keela and the rest of the Pride returned to Pride Rock with Scar as king. Keela and her mother's pride knew about Scar killing Mufasa, and kept it a secret. Keela became the new leader of the hunting group, and watched over Nuka and Vitani. When Kovu was found and adopted by Scar, Keela watched over him too.

Banished Again

When Keela and her hunting group found out that Simba had killed Scar, and was betrayed by the hyenas, she was banished to the Outlands with her family and all those who followed Scar. While in the Outlands, Keela and Leo's relationship grew. Keela helped trained Kovu, and participated in the war between the Pridelanders.

Welcome Back

After the Outsiders were welcomed back to the Pride, Keela had cubs with Leo and hunted with Kiara and other lionesses. Keela had forgiven Simba for killing her father and banishing them twice, and continued to be a hunting lion.


Keela shares a resemblance with Zira, Azra, Tama, and Vitani.


  • My Lullaby (The Lion King 2)
  • Sweet Revenge!!! (The Lion King 4)

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