Katkats are meerkats from an alternate future. They have evolved into scrawny animals with the basic need to survive.

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Background Story

Katkats only appear in the "Alternate Future Ending" of Damy and Deirdre's story.

"Deirdre is sent thousands of years into the future by Cheekah, to give Damy the impression she abandoned him.

When Deirdre again returns to her home in the far future, she learns that Damy has gotten a more monstrous appearance and became a tyrannizing animal. His mindless destructive nature turned the forest into an empty wasteland, and forced the survived generations to live underground and hide from him every second of the day.
Because of this, these meerkats have a black, white or blueish fur, are nearly blind, underfed, and developed a different language.

When Deirdre meets up with Damy, he again doesn't remember her and their history repeats, though it is implied that Damy will never be able to speak full sentences again or show any signs of civility."


Katkats have either a black, white or bluish fur, are nearly blind, underfed, and developed a completely different language, similar to vampire Latin.

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