Vurugu Pride
Tooth and Claw
A Friendly Lion

Katili is a lioness and the former queen of the Vurugu Pride.


Though female leaders are not seen in average lion prides, Katili's management skills have yet to be questioned, and there is not doubt that her intimidating appearance has contributed to this. Tall in stature, with rippling muscles sheathed by an oddly thick coat, Katili is easily the size and width of a male lion. However, her extremely muscular physique is tempered by the angularity seen in the contours of her body, from muzzle to haunches. She is long-bodied and broad-chested, with a wide head and a long face. Her muzzle projects abruptly from her face, resulting in a steep, pronounced stop. Her incredibly long white claws, which were dipped in blood daily until the liquid left permanent ruby stains, seem too large for the pouches of skin and which they are contained, causing the flesh to appear as though it is bulging. Her fur is dense, shielding the skin below. It is a deep reddish brown color, paler on her paws, muzzle, and underbelly. A thin stripe runs down her back, darker than the rest of the hair. She has large brown eyes with a very slight, almost undetectable crimson tint that brings to mind dried blood. Her nose is wide and brown, while the tuft at the end of her tail is the same color as the streak on her back.


Raised to be brutish and savage from the time she was a cub, Katili is a vicious lioness with a powerful thirst for blood. Rather than having no sense of right and wrong, Katili is very aware that her barbaric behavior is immoral, but is fiercely proud of this. She is quite clever and frequently employs her diabolical cunning. She has a well-honed instinct for sensing when a fight is about to happen and preparing herself to watch and possibly drive the tempers of the brawling animals even higher by lashing out at them from the side. She is constantly itching to battle and snap at others, even if they have done nothing to provoke her. She occasionally employs tones of sickly sweet, dripping sarcasm when angered. Though she tends to behave as thought she is ignoring her surroundings, she is quite perceptive and observant. She is very proud of bearing three strong children.


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