Kameke Sketch
Name Kameke
Meaning Blind (Swahili)
Species Hyena
Affiliation(s) The Hyena Trio
Close Relations

Friend of Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed

Kameke is a fanmade character for The Lion King. She is a blind hyena who appears in two of the films and the Timon & Pumbaa TV series.


Kameke's colors are based on that of an actual spotted hyena . She has sandy-colored fur with brown/dark brown spots, ears, and paws. She has a silver mane and pale blue eyes.


For the most part, Kameke is very calm and rarely lets her aggressive nature take over. Due to her blindness, her other senses have been heightened, making her appear more clever than the average hyena. However, it is not difficult to outwit her.



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