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Justice is a good tempered lion cub. He's very friendly and happy, often messing around making jokes when ever he can. He's a big goofball and loves to make others laugh. He's very playful and a real sweetheart. He can be scary at times, but he's a real teddy bear.


Justice is a peachy cackyish coloring. He has a tuft of fur on his head. The outer ring of his ear is a cream color, and so is the inside of it. His mane, muzzle, and underneath his eyes is cream. His tail tuft is a light cocoa color. He has faint freckles on either side of his head. He has olive green eyes


Justice's mother was one of the lionesses aligned with Sarabi in Scar's reign. She was the fastest out of the other lionesses, and often had to run ahead of the others to catch food. But when food became scarce, she had to work even harder, and was often the most tired out of all the lionesses. She was the mate of Nala's brother Mheetu. The lack of water took a great toll on her, and she often was too sick to hunt. Luckily Simba came and Scar's reign ended. She and Mheetu were able to relax and enjoy life together. She found herself pregnant, and was very excited to hear that her sister-in-law Nala was pregnant as well. The two gave birth hours apart from each other. There was only one cub in both litters, both being male. Nala'a was given the name Kopa, and Tango's was Justice. Kopa and Justice grew up side by side, practically brothers. Soon, Tango and Nala became pregnant again, and we're thrilled to once again share the experience. They gave birth only minutes apart this time, once again there was only one cub. Both female. Nala's was given the name Kiara, and Tango's Tiifu. Then came the accident, and Nala's joy was turned into grief at the loss of her son. Justice was shocked that his cousin and best friend was gone, and this led him to become protective of his sister and other cousin.


Tango: mother

Mheetu : father

Tiifu : sister

Nala : aunt

Simba : uncle

Kopa : cousin

Kiara : cousin

Kion : cousin

Makenna: mate

Lacey: sister-in-law

Kimba: sister-in-law

Zuri : sister-in-law

Voice Actors

  • Alexander Gould- voice of Bambi from Bambi II


  • Justice was formerly Moohan, but was completed redone.
  • He is born after the events of the first movie, and is around the age of Kopa.
  • He has a crush on Makenna
  • He loves to eat zebra, and will take any opportunity.
  • He has a strong disliking towards hyenas.

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