Jungle Oasis
The Jungle
Jungle Oasis
The Lion King
The Jungle Oasis is an oasis where Timon and Pumbaa lived, and where Simba was brought up.
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Canon History

The Lion King

After finding Simba collapsed in the desert, Timon and Pumbaa bring him to the oasis to revive him. Once there, Simba reacts in awe to the beauty of the jungle, and Timon and Pumbaa welcome him into their style of life. Simba soon grows into adulthood, living off the jungle with his friends, until he encounters his childhood friend Nala. Nala notes the place's beauty but becomes confused as to why Simba has not returned home. Simba is eventually convinced by Rafiki to return to the Pride Lands. After helping Simba defeat Scar and the hyenas, Timon and Pumbaa take up residence with Simba and Nala in the Pride Lands.

Appearances in Fanfictions

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