Gheiri Pride
Hadithi Ya Hodari
Strength of Heart
Close Relations
Muwa(sister) Mavu(nephew)
A Friendly Lion

Jasho is a male lion and the king of the Gheiri Pride.


Thin and hard-muscled, Jasho has a narrow build and and diamond-like features. He has high cheekbones, a muzzle that tapers slightly, and a slender dark pink nose. His paws are fairly large, especially in comparison to his lanky, angular legs. From his flanks, back slopes low before rising up sharply to his small neck and prominent shoulders. His short, thin fur is a warm tan hue, paler on his muzzle and underbelly. His long mane is a dull brick red, and has not grown into any short of shape. It hangs loosely around his face in an unbroken sheet. The small, curling tuft at the end of his long, rather skinny tail is the same color. His fiery orange eyes are small and slanted, with thick, bushy black eyebrows located almost directly above them.


Jasho is a harsh, insensitive lion who cares only about his pride. He allows them to overhunt, believing that it makes up for the lack of rest and relaxation they receive. His concern for Maisha Urari and the well-being for other species is practically nonexistent, and he never considers the woes of other species. He strictly enforces rules, but would never injure any of his lions when punishing them. Whatever he does, he thinks he is doing for the good of the pride. He would sacrifice himself to keep his pride safe, but does not grieve much for the losses of individual lions. He looks at the larger picture, paying far more attention to the group than to the concerns and troubles of each lion. Jealously comes naturally and easily to Jasho; he wants his pride to have the best land and food, none other. He does his best to keep up a sound public image, for he is forced to partially rely on support from the pride to keep his power. He often speaks with Muwa and has her report any misgivings about him that the pride harbors.


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