Name Jamala
Meaning Courtesy (Swahili)
Species Lion
Affiliation(s) Verlig Pride
Close Relations

Daughter of Daktari and Kutambaa, sister of Huo, RotteLekkers and Speelse, cousin of Rugsteun, Geen, Klossie, Kiasi-Kama and Ghaibu, neice of Kugusa.

Jamala is a lioness cub in my (Ladybernard's) fanfiction, Lion King 4: Upelelezi's Journey.


Jamala's mane pelt is a tan, with an underbelly of the same color, just slightly lighter. Like her mother, Kutambaa, she is odd-eyed and has a light pink nose (although hers is of the Pridelander kind). Jamala has the nose and claws of a Pridelander, with uncolored toes. Also, she has dark, Outlander-like eyerims, and light brwon inner ears.


Jamala is a very young cub, and her personality isn't gone into in detail, but it can be assumed form her picture that she is at least somewhat playful. Also, judging by her name, Jamala is very courteous.  
Kutambaa's four cubs

Jamala and her siblings