Inchi Valley is a small valley located in the southwestern area of the Drylands. It is difficult to access, as it is located in the barren Imeatuka Desert.


Inchi Valley is flat and round in shape. The grass is usually a green-yellow color- not completely dead, but not particularly thriving, either. There are streaks of earth where no grass grows at all, and there are two rather small ponds located in the valley, one on either side. These ponds contain water that is fresh enough to drink, though at times they have been contaminated by bacteria. It is surrounded by low mountains that are easy to climb in spite of the top layer of soil, which is loose, sandy, and likely to fall away once a slight amount weight is placed on it. On the exterior sides, the mountains are coated in a thick layer of creamy yellow sand, chased by the wind.


Though it is known as the home of the topi herd, Inchi Valley is also inhabited by aardvarks, various rodent and lagamorph species, and a small pack of Cape dogs. On rare occasions, the Moyo Hodari Pride will stop by to hunt. A few ostriches are starting to make their homes in the valley as well.


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  • Inchi means 'ground' or 'inch' in Swahili.