Call attention to
Sable Antelope
Palahala Herd
Close Relations
Kahawia(mother) Tim'ka(father)
Inayotaka is a female sable antelope calf and a member of the Palahala Herd.


Inayotaka is a thin but muscular young antelope, with long, knobbly legs and a wide body. She has a sleek, pale sand-colored coat with hints of ginger around her legs, nose, and ears. White fur is present on her face and underbelly, and she has a pair of tiny pale gray horns visible atop her head. A ridge of brown and ginger hairs, the beginning of a mane, is visible along her neck. Her eyes are bright, glittering black.


Inayotaka is a spirited young calf with a strong desire to please her father, Tim'ka, despite his indifference to her. She is attention-seeking and dramatic, and makes sure that everyone knows if she's mastered a new running, jumping, or kicking trick. Though proud and occasionally haughty, she is as caring as her mother when it comes to the youngest members of the herd. Highly ambitious, she longs to lead the herd herself one day, and tries to prove her worthiness to Tim'ka by following him around constantly. She is territorial and outspoken, and has a tendency to be impulsive. Despite her arrogant demeanor, she has no tolerance for animals that bully or harass others, and does her best to stand up for their victims.


Early Life

Inayotaka was born into the Palahala Herd, the daughter of the herd leader. She began exploring the Drylands from nearly the moment she could walk.

The Drylands

After trying to climb a tree near the edge of the Uotaji Woods to impress her father, Inayotaka falls and tumbles into a young wildcat. She silently hopes that her father didn't witness her mistake.

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