"You'll be dead within a few days. There's nothing out there. No water, no shelter. You'd find nothing, just the heat of the sun on your fur and the dry land beneath your paws. We all avoid it as much as possible."

Imeatuka Desert is a desert that covers much of the western half of the Drylands. It is known for its lack of water and rainfall that makes journeys across it difficult, and for this reason very few dare enter the region.


Imeatuka Desert is a parched, arid stretch of land. The ground is composed of hard-packed yellow-brown earth, topped by a thin layer of brownish sand, that is cracked by the sun. Low shrubbery is about the only vegetation to be found for miles, and there are few trees or boulders to provide shade. However, there are plenty of bones lying about- the remains of animals who failed to survive the heart and torridity. Cacti, such as the paddle cactus, grow in some areas of the region, but not all.


Due to the lack of rocks and the hardness of the earth, there is little shelter for animals. However, where there are rocks or plants, some creatures, mostly lizards and snakes, have made their homes. Occasionally, lions from the Moyo Hodari Pride will patrol the area, but this is uncommon.


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  • Imeatuka means 'cracked' in Swahili.