Imani is a fanmade character and belongs to HirePups&Collachdude. You must ask her if you wish to use her.


Imani is a sneaky young jackal cub who doesn't like to give up on what she's started. She is shown to be fiesty, and often dwells

A blurry picture of imani, better pic will be coming soon.

apon the past. She tends to get over excited, and often says things without thinking resulting in hurting the feelings of others.. She is often found at the watering hole, cooling of after a long days work, before heading back to her home in the Jackal Rivers. through out the series, she is shown to have a close bond with Fuli, as they have simaler personalitys.


Imani is a well built young Jackal with a tan husky like marking down through her whole body, she has three tan "scoks" while the other is black. Her eyes are a deep blue coulor, and she has two bullet wholes through her ear. The rest of her body is dark brown, and her guard mark is tan.

Current position 

At present, Imani is the sneakiest member of the lion guard. Using her sneaky nature to outwit Janja and his clan.

apears in

Imani is set to apear in The Stranger.


"What a babblebekkie"


"Tottaly intense!"

"That was... Intense..."


  • Imani lives in the Jackal rivers, about a two our walk away from pride rock. (Unless you happen to be fuli...)
  • Imani's catphrases "totally intense" is the translation of "hevi kabisa"
  • Imani was Originally an Arctic wolf named "Layla" however, due to the fact that it is impossible for an Arctic wolf to life in Africa, Imani was given a new species and name.
  • At one point she was going to be named bullet
  • The name "bullet" is carried on as a nickname Fuli and Kiara give her.

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