Iba is a lioness, and a member of Rage Pride.


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Iba is a gorgeous gold and cream Panthera Leo,commonly known as a Lion. Iba's golden pelt is believed to come from her Father's side of the family,while her cream under coat comes from her Mother. Iba was born with rare dark blue eyes which are illuminated by her coat. Instead of having the usually darker claws, Iba's claws are a light tan color. Her paw pads along with her ear and nose coloring is a mix between dark and light pink.

Iba's Ref


Iba has many personalities and consist of many different qualitys and traits. Iba has a fierce independence to do things on her own, this is due to growing up alone so she is used to figuring things out herself. Along with growing up alone Iba isn't afraid to use teeth and claws to get the job done or protect what she believes, which is unfortunate for the animal who tries to trifle with this. Iba has a cool temper which helps her in sticky situations but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a temper. Iba believes in her own opinions and will usually stand up for what she believes even if it includes danger. She tends to be honest which gives off a faint sense that Iba is rude,but she doesn't have the best social skills so she learned to hold her tongue. Iba has a sweet and caring side and often lends an ear to someone who needs to talk and can actually usually cheer them up or just give them advice which usually helps. Iba does have a cub side which is usually brought out by her closest companions or when she is cub-sitting. When she plays with the cubs or is just hanging with friends the big goofball comes out who loves an adventure and challenge, but when it's time to hunt a serious side comes out along with deep determination for the task at paw and full concentration.


I will NOT be writing a Bio at this time,because the story I'm planning to write has events that I need to put in Iba's Bio and I don't want any spoilers 🙃