Scientific Name
Dendrohyrax arboreus

Hyraxes are animals that appear in The Lion King universe.

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Rock hyraxes are known to spend mornings sunbathing, followed by short feeding excursions. They eat quickly, with family members keeping watch for predators. A shriek from the territorial male will alarm the other family members into scuttling for cover. They live in many different types of habitats, including dry savannas, rain forests, and moorlands.

They are very cautious eaters and frequently check the vicinity as they feed. Moisture is often obtained through their food, so hyraxes can go for a long time without water. Tree hyraxes eat fruits and leaves. As their name suggests, they can climb trees.


Hyraxes are small, furry animals. The bottoms of their paws are rubbery, allowing them to scale rocks and trees. Their fur is grayish or yellowish brown, with those that appear in The Lion Guard being either brown, dark brown, or golden. They have a dorsal spot on their backs that is darker in color than their fur.

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