Scientific Name
Crocuta crocuta

Hyenas are animals that appear in The Lion King universe.


The spotted hyena hunts often. They rarely scavenge and thieve, but when they do, they track the progress of vultures to their next feast. They will even dine on insects if the chance arises.


Both males and females have tawny pelts, with slighter or significantly darker spots which litter their necks, backs, and limbs. Real spotted hyenas are a sandy color with lighter undersides, leg insides, and feet, with dark brown spots and tail tips. The muzzle of a spotted hyena is dark-colored, as are their ears, which are dish-like and significantly spaced apart. The spotted hyena's power lies in its head and neck, and it has one of the nastiest bites in the animal kingdom, its teeth easily shearing through bone.

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  • Originally, Scar's henchmen were going to be Cape dogs. They were later replaced by spotted hyenas.
  • Though hyenas make noises similar to those of dogs in The Lion King franchise(with their exception of their laughter and voices), hyenas are actually more closely related to cats than dogs.
  • In reality, female hyenas are the leaders of their clans, but in The Lion Guard, a male named Janja is the leader of his clan. Additionally, a male hyena from a German audiobook, Fisi, is the leader of his.