Title: The Alfajiri Pride
Main Character: Fuli
Other Characters:Kopa,Jioni(OC),Afua,Katika(OC),Bebo(voice)

I went into a forest with Kopa and came across a pride...the one that Kopa is in.I was surprised how many lions Kopa managed to get into his pride.

His Pride had 5 Lionesses, with the 2 most popular ones being twin sisters Jioni and Katika.Also, in the pride is Kopa's best friend, Afua.

So....How did you end up here, Kopa? I ask him and he chuckles.

Well...There was this Lioness named Zira who attacked me while I was hanging out with her daughter,vitani. He said and my eyes widen.

Vitani? I thought as I listened more.

Turns out, Zira hated my dad more than anyone else.. Kopa said and I raised an eyebrow.

Whos your dad? I asked and what he said shocked me.

....Simba. Kopa said

I was stunned...this...Kopa...was a son of Kion's father,Simba.

Wanna meet the rest of the pride? Kopa asks and I nod.

I go over to twins Jioni and Katika

Hi,Girl! Jioni says to me..she was about my age,which is fine.

Hey, are ya? Katika asks me and I shrug,then start walkign through the forest.

about 10 minutes in,I hear my mother's voice.

Kion has fallen into depression because of your absence. My mother says and I sigh.

How am I supposed to help him when Im not there,Mother? I ask her.

Just wait til adulthood to go back,my daughter... My mother tells me and i raise an eyebrow.

W-Why?' I ask her and she giggles.

Well you want him to see you at your prettiest state,don't you? My mom says and I blush.

Yeah,I guess. I reply and felt something warm on my cheek.

Its ok,My daughter...Well...I must get going..bye! My Mom says and I don't her her anymore after that.

and I just stand there looking at the sunset with a tear in my eye..

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