Title:The Race
Main Character:Anya
Other Characters:Aina,Ono and Mkali

Me and Aina were next to eachother looking at the grasslands ahead as Mkali closed his eyes.! He said and me and Aina bolted off.

I Ran through some egrets,disturbing them.

ANYA,YOU DISRUPTED OUR SLEEP! I heard Ono shout at me while im running.

Sorry,Ono! I said while laughing.

When I saw Mkali again,he was holding his wing out to signal the end.I tripped over a Log and went crashing down to the ground face first,going a few feat more til I stopped.

Ouch. I said as Aina rushed over to me.

You ok? Aina asked and I nodded,then kept running.

I barely reached the finish line while panting.

You beat me,Anya...just barely. Aina said and I nodded

I then looked to the sky with a smile on my face.

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