Kion and I were Playing at the Pridelands-Outlands Border( He calls it, the western border, seeming the Elephant Graveyard is the northern border and the Nyiri Desert is the Southern Border)

I looked at the Outlands.

Ever since Dad Died, Activity there has gone down I told Him and he just shrugged.

Maybe They learned their Lesson, I guess. Kion said while laughing and I rolled my eyes.

It makes me Nervous, Kion. I admitted and he just smiled.

Hey, Don't worry..when trouble pops up, We'll take it on. He assured me..just then, we heard Rustling and turned to a bush, where we heard voices.

Kovu, stop it! A Girls' voice said.

Vitani, You'll give our Position away! another voice said, apparently named Kovu.The Name Kovu caused Kion to perk his ears up.

Kiara told me about Someone named Kovu..that was the day she started being Serious. Kion said with a frown, This 'Kovu' Changed my Sister..Not for the better to me.

Hearing Kion caused Kovu to panic.Kiara told him about a Brother who was protective of her and Kovu slowly came out of the bushes..but instead of Attacking Kion, Kovu actually bowed to him, confusing Kion.

'My sister and I 'have heard about both of you...You two are responsible for the death of Kesho and The Halting of Hyena's doing illegal hunting in the two are practically heroes, Kion. Kovu said to Kion and Kion's eyes widened.

A-A-A Hero?Me? Kion said, shocked.

Yeah...a real hero in the eyes of some of the cubs In the outlands. Kovu replied.

Interesting.. I said.

Vitani looked at me and growled, causing me to raise an eyebrow.

What's your problem? I asked her

Why are you prettier than me? She asked and I blushed at the comment.

Probably cause I grew up here, not the outlands as you might believe. I replied, If you take enough baths, you can be as pretty as me, Vitani..count on it.

Vitani just nodded.

Well...We have to go..bye! Vitani said and dragged Kovu back to the outlands.

That was interesting... I said while turning away from Kion

Yeah...Wonder if they'll come back? Kion asked and I smirked

Kion, I don't wonder...I should know that better than anyone. I assured him while walking back to the waterhole.

My life just keeps getting weirder, doesn't it?...oi...

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