Title:The New Guard
Main Character:Anya
Other Characters:Kion,Mufasa(mentioned),Simba(mentioned),Scar(mentioned) and Kiara

Me and Kiara walked to this area behind pride rock that I was originally unaware about.

What is thi- I started

Welcome,Anya. I heard my dad say.

Dad? I ask and he nods...He wanted me to come here.

Yes...I want to show you something that my dad showed me.. He said and I went over to him.There were these paintings on the wall.

What's this? I ask him and he chuckles.

Listen closely... He said, then looked at the paintings,Before Your grandfather Simba was born,Scar was the leader of the lion guard...his brother,Mufasa,was next in line to be king...Scar had the power known as the roar of the elders.

The Roar of the elders? I asked and he nodded

the roar of the elders is a powerful ability...when you roar,all The great kings of the past roar along with you....However,this power got into scars head and made him feel powerful.He felt like HE should be king instead of Mufasa,so he ordered his lion guard to help him kill Mufasa. He says.

Which he eventually did la- I start,but my dad gives me a look that silences me,then smiles.

He did eventually..but at this time,the Lion Guard refused,not wanting to break the circle of life and destroy the king. My dad said.

What happened to them? I asked and he sighed.

Scar killed them...he killed them all...without a second thought...however,by using this power for evil,he would lose the roar completely. He explained and I gasped in shock.

N-Now you want me to lead the lion guard?I ask and he nods.

The Roar can be used for great good..but can also be used to horrifying evil...NEVER use the roar For ANYTHING other to PROTECT the pridelands!got it? He says and I nod.He then places his paw on my shoulder and a mark appeared that looked like a Lion head.

You are now the new leader of the lion guard...but you will need to find the strongest,fastest,Bravest and Keenest of sight in the pridelands to be on the pick wisely. He said and I nodded,then ran out of the lair.

I was both excited and nervous for my new role..but it would work out eventually.

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