It was a beautiful day in the Pridelands.

I was enjoying a refreshing drink in the waterhole.

Suddenly I heard rustling in the bushes behind me.

Timon and Pumbaa emerged.

"Ugh what do you want?" I asked.

"We just received a visit from a hyrax, who informed us that The Lion Guard had been chosen to partake in the 5th annual Pridelands Games" Timon said.

I raised a eyebrow.

"Did you inform Kion and the others of this?" I asked.

Timon shook his head.

I growled with annoyance then rushed off to the lair.

When I reached the lair I saw Kion talking to the others.

"Kion!!, Kion!!" I squealed excitingly.

Kion turned to me.

"What is it Fuli?" He asked.

He reached out and nuzzled me.

I returned his affection then answered his question.

Kion blinked with excitement and surprise.

"The Pridelands games are a special event that tales place every ten months, different animal groups from all parts of the Pridelands compete against each other in special events, like tug of war, races, baobab ball, and other events, me and Kiara competed in it every time" Kion said.

"Where are they held?" I asked.

"Big Springs or the meadow usually" Kion said.

"What are we waiting for, let's go!" I said.

We grouped up with Kion's family and the other members of the guard.

When we arrived at Big Springs we joined the hippos.

Kala, the announcer stepped up.

"Welcome one and all to the 5th annual Pridelands Games!, the first event will be a baobab Ball game between the Lion Guard and the monkeys!" She announced.

Kion and Bunga stepped forward and beat the monkeys within two seconds.

From my spot next to Kiara in the sidelines I cheered.

"And The Lion Guard wins!!" Kala announced.

The crowd went wild.

"Now it's for the race!!" Kala went on.

I flexed my toes and unsheathed my claws.

"It is time, to prove myself" I said.

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