Title:The Great Fire
Main Character:Anya
Other Characters:Trotzen,Kion,Mkali,Fuli,Ono,Beshte,Simba,Nguvu,Kiara ,Kovu,Nazir and Aina.

Author's note:Thanks to beatrice anne for this episode Idea.

I was with The Guard in the grasslands thinking of an idea until we herd yelping and smelled smoke.

Mkali,what's that smell...check it out. I said.Mkali checked it out,then his eyes widened.

A GIANT FIRE IS COMING TO PRIDE ROCK!WE HAVE TO STOP IT SOMEHOW! Mkali said and I 5 alone couldn't stop a fire like that..we needed help from everyone.

I rushed to pride rock and stopped at the den.My grandfather,Dad,Mom,Kiara,Kovu and Nazir were there. this way! I said and they rushed out.I then rushed to the elephants and warned them of the fire and that they should help save the pridelands by stopping it.

I got back to my parents and was suprised to see Ono and Beshte with them.Then,Mkali,Nguvu,Trotzen and Aina came behind me.

Old and New...teaming up for a common cause...interesting. I said and my dad chuckled.

Two lion guards of two generations to save their all has come down to this. he said.

we then turned to the was a big one.I then saw some elephants coming.I turned my head to my guard..then to My dad's...

Ok,Heres the Plan:Me,Aina,Mom and Mkali will take the elephants to try to put out the fires.The Rest will go and warn the animals that aren't aware of the fire. I said and everyone nodded.

Me,Aina,my mom,Mkali and the elephants headed for the fire.

Mkali,fly up and grab that Hyrax! I said to Mkali,who flew up and Grabbed a hyrax by the foot and put it on the ground,then the hyrax stormed off.

I climbed up a tree to get a better view of the fire,but the tree branche broke off and I fell,but I was saved by Nazir.

Thanks,Brother. I said and he elephant flung us up and we landed on its back.I thought of a place to get a lot of water.

GO FOR THE ZUBERI RIVER! I shout and the elephant nods.we got to the zuberi river and the elephant sucked up a bunch of water,then spat it at the fire,stopping a bunch of it.

DO IT AGAIN! I yell and the elephant spits at the fire,stopping almost all of it.I then looked at the rest of the elephants,who sucked up water.

TOGETHER!LAST TIME! I scream and the elephants all shoot water at the fire,finally stopping it.

Good Job everyone...we've stopped the fire. I said,then me,my guard and my dad's guard went to check for survivors.We found that everyone survived the fire.

we stopped a Major threat...Im happy about that.the pridelands are peaceful once again.

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