Title: The Elephant Graveyard
Main Character:Anya
Other Characters:Nazir, Deadeye and Mapopo

Me and Nazir ran up to the Northern border,as I took him with me to scout something that Mkali saw.

This is the place... I said with a nervous tone as I looked at the elephant graveyard ,as my grandfather called it ,Lets go!

I jumped down and slid down a slope ,then looked around.

Hello? I shouted as Nazir came down.

There's nothing here, sis. Nazir told me.

There is something here...I can feel it. I replied ,then felt a rock hit my head ,OW!

Nun gut, wenn es nicht Anya I heard someone say and I turn to see a King Cheetah ,Was machst du hier, nicht gerade IHR Territorium

I came here to Check out some activity along the harm is intended. I explained.

Hmph... Ich bin Adlerauge und ich regiere Freizeiten... also raus. The King Cheetah said to me and my eyes widened.

Deadeye?You're that Deadeye that the Hyenas talked about 6 months ago! I said.

Richtig... Ich nehme an, du bist der Anführer dieser... Guard Lion wie ich gehört habe? He asked and I nodded.

I am the leader of the Lion Guard ,yes. I said and he lunged at me ,causing me to jump away from him ,Someone doesn't like me.

I then swatted him ,then uppercutted him.I then bolted out of the Elephant Graveyard with Nazir following me.

What..was...THAT? Nazir asked as I looked at Deadeye with narrowed eyes ,then began walking away.

Trouble... I said as I walked to pride rock.

There was a new threat to the pridelands...I just hoped that it didn't win.

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