Main Character:Anya
Other Characters:Mkali,Trotzen,Nguvu and Aina

I was laying on a rock in the middle of the grasslands when I heard rumbling.I looked and saw Hyenas chasing Wildebeast towards my Position.

Uh oh. I said before taking cover.

Anya! I heard Mkali say.

Mkali,go get everyone else! I said and he did so.

I started running from the wildebeast,dodging every one that fell down until I saw Nguvu and Aina come over.

Nguvu,get ahead of me and stop that stampede! I said while Jumping over a wildebeast,landing on Nguvu.

Nguvu ran ahead and used his body to block the stampede.

Ok...Who caused this? I said and I spotted Hyenas.

Wait here! I said while Jumping onto Nguvu and running past the wildebeast,Aina,come over here!

Me and Aina eventually reached the Hyenas who caused the stampede and started fighting them.

I pinned down one.

Who sent you here? I said.

You can never defeat...Deadeye...he will kill you all. The Hyena said while laughing,causing me to raise an eyebrow.

Deadeye? I said,then got off of him as the Hyena's friend landed on him,Who's deadeye?

I saw the stampede was still going on,so I used the roar of the elders to make them stop.

Thank you. I said while smirking and walking away from the Hyenas.

I don't know who this deadeye is..but he sounds dangerous.

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