I was along the Zuberi River with Kion...keep in mind, this was one of the rainiest days in the pride lands history,s o I wanted to have time for myself and Kion as we enjoyed the rain.

smells nice,H uh,Kion? I ask him.This was Kions first time out in the rain before and it interested him.

Reminds me of when dad told me about his first roar as King... Kion replied.

Just then,I saw raging waters in the river.

That's not good I said and he nodded before we both heard yelping.

We looked and saw that a Zebra was caught in the raging waters.With Bunga,Ono and Beshte sleeping,it was just the 2 of us to save the Young Zebra.We couldn't use the roar because it would hurt the Zebra badly.I looked at Kion...then looked at the Water..then looked back at Kion.

Im sorry,Kion.. I tell him and before he could ask me what I meant,I jumped in the water.

FULI,WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!? He screamed and I just kept going to the Zebra,wanting to get it out even If I died doing so,FULI,DON'T!

I get the Zebra out(somehow),but get pulled out of the pridelands by the river.

FULIIIII!!!!! Kion screams in a mixture of horror and shock as I get pulled downstream.

I pass out and led the river pull me away from my best friend.. are not ready to Join us yet,My daughter my mother says to me in my head,You are too must grow and be great..

3 hours later,I get pulled out of the water by a Lion.He was a late Teenager-Approaching adulthood and he had a Brown hair tuft.

I looked at him  and raised an eyebrow.

K-Kion? I say through my blurred vision and he shakes his head.

Im Not Kion...Im Kopa. He replies.

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