Title:Saving a Hyrax
Main Character:Fuli
Other Characters:Kion,Ono,Beshte and Bunga

Me,Kion,Ono,Beshte and Bunga were Running across a field to several yelps

Its coming from Hakuni Woods! Ono shouts at us

What do we got,Ono?Hyenas? Kion asks

Jackals? I asks

Vultures? Beshte asks

Hyenas?Jackals?Vultures?whatever it is,the lion guard can take it! Bunga says

Hold on!Im getting it in sight! Ono says and he looks at the location we are going,Really?

We eventually reach the location

Ono,Report! Kion says

Nothing thrilling..Just a Hyrax stuck in a thornbush Ono replies

Seriously? I say in annoyance

Thats not so bad? Beshte says

We rushed all the way across the pridelands for this? Bunga asks in suprise

Bunga..The Lion Guards duty is to defend the circle of life...even if it means..helping a Hyrax out of a thornbush Kion tells Bunga

We have gone from saving the pridelands from Hyenas and my father to saving a Hyrax out of a thornbush!?!? I think in shock.

Alright,I got this one! Bunga says and walks over to the Hyrax,alright,Hyraxy,Lets get you out of there!

Uh..Little B...I think the hyrax is trying to AVOID being shreded by the thorns Beshte tells bunga

Oh...Kion!use the roar!You can flatten those thorn bushes! Bunga says to Kion and I roll my eyes

If Kion flattens the thornbushes with the roar..what do you think will happen to the Hyrax?I ask bunga

Oh...I havent thought about that. Bunga admits

Listen..We don't need my roar to clear the thorn bushes..we can just pull them aside Kion says

Oh,Kion...always thinking ahead. I think in my head.

Oh Yeah...Zuka Zama! bunga says and pulls aside the thornbushes and I save the Hyrax.

A snake eats the Hyrax,so we had to save it..AGAIN.

My life is hard and not fair...

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