I was walking through the pridelands an hour later with Bunga, Beshte and Ono until Ono saw something.

Hyenas!Over there! He yelled, pointing towards a group of Hyenas hunting down gazelles.

I turned to Bunga

Go Get Kion!Quickly! I shouted and Bunga ran off to get Kion as I turned back

Why did my life in the pridelands have this as a threat?

a few minutes Later,Bunga arrived with Kion.

Mzingo is telling the Hyenas which one to attack a devious sort of way. Ono said with a shudder.

I don't get it...they already scored a couple Gazelles..that should be plenty for all of them. Beshte said

Yeah..why are they still attacking? I asked and Kion walked over

Janja and his clan will keep going until the whole herd is dead! Kion said and everyone gasped

Don't they understand the circle of life? I asked

They don't care about the circle of life!They're not hunting for food...they want the throw the whole pridelands into Chaos...and it's up to the lion guard to stop them! He explained

The Lion Guard? I asked

You mean us? Ono asked

What about what Simba said? Besthe asked

So what if we're not all lions!?I know that we're the pridelands fiercest, bravest, fastest,strongest and keenest of sight!We need a plan to defeat the hyenas..and I think I have one..that is...if you are ready to join the lion guard. Kion said.

Im in!I said to him with confidence

Ditto Ono said

lay it on us, Kion! Beshte said

after Kion gave us our 'Marks of the lion guard' as he calls it, we went to save the pridelands.a few minutes later, we arrived at the scene.

Til the pridelands end...LION GUARD DEFEND!' Kion yelled and all 5 of us ran down a hill.

I engaged a couple Hyenas and kept running ahead of them, then led them into a group and had beshte run into them.

Then we had to save Kiara.

We need to get to her fast! Kion said to us

Im the fastest there is,but..what do I do when I'm there? I asked and Bunga hopped onto me

just get me close, ill take it from there! Bunga said to me

Bunga? Kion asked

Don't worry Kion, this time..yours truly has a plan. Bunga said while I simply rolled my eyes

Ok, Hurry! Kion shouted and we went to save Kiara.

When we got close, I noticed that there were too many gazelles for me to advance.

I can't get any closer! I told Bunga, who just smirked

Then this is where I get off! He said and jumped off of me.

Bunga saved Kiara, then Kion chased the Hyenas away with a roar..the pridelands are safe..for now.

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