Title: Return of Makuu(part 3)
Creator: Theultimatelifeform
Main Character: Anya
Other Characters: Makuu, Trotzen, Mkali, Nguvu and Aina

me and the guard walked up to a hill overlooking the crocodiles territory in the pride lands.

MAKUU! I called and Makuu came out.

Well Well, The Cub is back...what do you want? Makuu said.

I want to stop you from taking over big springs once more... I said and Makuu laughed.

You think you can beat me?fine, ill take you all on me. Makuu said and I smirked

Be careful what you wish for, Buster! I said and I and the guard charged at Makuu.

Makuu swatt Mkali away with his tail while I jumped on his head.

I clawed his eye.

ARGH! He screamed, then send me to the ground with his hand.I dodged his tail repeatedly, then ran.I ran past a tree and Had Nguvu Knock it down.Makuu avoided the tree.

Makuu then grabbed Trotzen, but I bit Makuu's arm, freeing Trotzen.

I and trotzen were sent flying by Makuu's tail, but we landed on our feet.,but were sent to the ground by Makuu's tail.

ugh.. I groaned

What did I tell ya?You are weak...just like your parents were... Makuu said and I growled, then released my roar.Makuu was sent flying into Nguvu's horn, impaling him.

I collapsed onto the ground.

It's over...finally. I said.

It was over...Makuu...everything...and now the fish population can recover.

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