Title: Return of Makuu(part 2)
Creator: Theultimatelifeform
Main Character: Anya

Other Characters:Mkali, Nguvu ,Aina, Nala(ghost) and Trotzen ||

I was In the Lair with the rest of the guard, trying to find a way to permanantly have Makuu away from the pridelands.

Let's have him killed! Nguvu said.

NO!We need to solve this problem peacefully,not Violently. I said

Shes Right,Nguvu...Zeres got to be a way to settle this without violence. I heard Trotzen say as I walked out and went to a quiet place with water.I looked down at the water and saw not one,but..two that looked like my paternal grandmother.

Impossible...She's dead,I'm sure of it. I thought before turning around, only to see nothing.

Don't Joke with me, grandmother...I know you are there. I shouted and she appeared in front of me, startling me.

Something is wrong, Anya...what is it? She asked

Makuu...he is forbidden from Big Springs but still goes there.And the guard can't find a solution that everyone agrees with. I told her, but she just smiled.

Sometimes you shouldn't do what's best for your guard..but for all of the pride lands. my grandmother told me.

But that will raise tensions in the guard, told me. I said, but she just laughed.

That's just Kion...spitting lies to worry you.' She said

I guess... I said, But..should I fight?

I, unfortunately, see no other way, little one. She said to me.

I sighed.I was taught not to engage in fights unless necessary and I guess this was a necessary situation.

Just know that I will always be there for you...until the pridelands end... she said before disappearing.

I turned around and looked at the sky, now knowing what must be done.

Watch out will get the best from me. I whispered, then ran towards pride rock.

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