Title:Return of Makuu(part 1)
Main Character:Anya
Other Characters: Mkali,  Kion, Fuli, Trotzen, Nguvu, Makuu and Aina.

Author's note: This is a fan-made sequel to the TLG episode 'The Rise of Makuu'...ENJOY!

I was at Big Springs with Mkali, Trotzen,Nguvu and Aina.

My Dad told me he and the previous Lion Guard used to always hang out here. I said

Shuch an interesting Place,Anya... Trotzen said.

I know...this is the first time I've ever been here. I said

Anya, I see something in the distance. Mkali said and I looked at him.

What is it? I asked

It looks like a bunch of crocodiles. Mkali replied

I walked over to the crocodiles.

Well if it isn't Kion's cub...speaking of which, how has he been? The Croc said.

you were forbidden from entering big springs after you drove the fish Population to near annihilation, Makuu. I said to the croc.

I know...Is the Population rebuilding? Makuu asked me and I scoffed.

slowly...not enough for all 10 of your crocs, though. I reply and He growls, but I stand my ground and smirk.

It's true and you know came to wipe out the population...I said and he laughed.

Are you gonna stop me from doing it?Look at you guys...You are a Hybrid and your friends are a Mongoose, Shikra, Rhino and Cheetah Makuu said with arrogance and I chuckled.

and yet you got beaten by a Lion Cub, Honey Badger, Cheetah, Egret and Hippo the last time you appeared I reminded with a cocky tone, If my dad and mom can beat you AS CUBS, I bet I can beat you just as easily.

I smirked as Makuu came closer while growling.

Anya, Vhat are you doing? Trotzen asked.

Just then, my mom and dad jumped in between us.

Makuu... my dad said.

Kion?is that you? Makuu asked, my, have you grown from a roaring squirt to a Roarless adult.

I can still roar, but not as powerfully as I used to my dad warned, get away from Here...before I show you what I can truly do.

Makuu then looked at my mom.

Fuli... He said before walking away with his crocs.

Little did we know that it wouldn't be the last time we saw him.

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