I was running for my life from these Hyenas,Dodging different Animals.

As one Hyena tackles me, I scream.But then, Kion pins down the Hyena as the Guard comes over.

Don't you dare touch her it? Kion said to the Hyena while sneering, Making the Hyena gulp and nod, then bolt off.

Kion turns to me

You ok? He says and I nod

Yes..thanks guys. I said to everyone and we turned to the other Hyenas. My father stepped in front of the Hyenas.

You tracked them...good job! He said while cackling at us.

Leave the pridelands,! Kion said and Dad just laughed.

attack! He ordered and all the Hyenas came rushing at us.I dodged some,then ran around them,making them dizzy.Suddenly,a lot of Lionesses come and start attacking the Hyenas as Nala comes over to me and Kion.

What's going on? Nala said

I was attacked by the Hyenas,but saved by Kion and the others. I said and Nala turned to dad.

Well if it isn't Nala...How's Kopa doing? dad asks and Nala growls.

Don't ever speak of him!He is dead Kesho...He has been for months..but I have Kion as a son,so Im good. Nala says and I raise an eyebrow,Who is this...Kopa?,..Oh well.

dad and Nala then fought it out.

Beshte rammed into a bunch of hyenas as Dad pinned nala down.I zoomed over and me and Kion attacked my father,who fought back fiercely,sending Kion into a rock as I jumped on him while biting him.

STOP THAT, FULI! He said as he throw me into Beshte.I got up and looked at him as Kion and Nala walked next to me.

Give up, Kesho! Kion said and Dad again laughed and tried to jump at him, but I stopped him,sending us both down a cliff at the gorge.

FULI!!!! Kion screamed as I fell. after a few minutes, I woke up and saw blood around my father's body.I shuddered and climbed back up.

It's over... I said, Everything and my father.

Kion nuzzled me

It's ok, Fuli...lets just enjoy the sunset. He said and we looked at the sunset as Hyenas gathered around My dad's body

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