I was walking through the outlands with a friendly Hyena, talking to her.

So you are in Kion's group? The Hyena asked me and I nodded, then had my head hang down.

Well...I was exiled by Simba after my Father attacked me and Kion I said and she gasped.

Why would a father attack his daughter? She asked. I shrugged and heard 'ZUKA ZAMA!' and instantly Knew who it was as Bunga jumped between me and the Hyena, Named Zawadi.

Bunga?What are y- I asked

Kion wants to talk to you! he said and I looked at Kion and started walking with him.

after a few minutes, we were alone.

Dad is sorry for what happened,Fuli...he wants you to come back to the pridelands. Kion said and I shook my head

I can't Kion...Im gonna stay here with the Hyenas. I said and kion just looked at me in shock

Fuli,Hyena's are dangerous! He said

Im aware of that,Kion...but these Hyenas are nice. I said

But...Fuli... Kion began,but I stopped him

Im staying here and that's it? I said and Kion slowly nodded,then sat down,with my sitting down next to him while looking at the sunset.

It's not that I don't like you guys, It's just that...for Hyenas, the ones I'm with right now are nice. I said and Kion nodded in understanding.

I and kion then nuzzled each other while looking at the sunset.

after an hour or so, Kion left the outlands while I continued to look at the sunset.

4 of the hyenas came behind me and attacked me, Causing me to Runoff.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!? I asked and the leader cackled.

YOU REALLY THINK WE CARED ABOUT YOU!?!? The Leader said and kept chasing me.

I had to get back to the pridelands and fast...

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