Title:Rainfall(part 2)
Main Character:Anya
Other Characters:Kopa,Afua,Nala,Fuli and Jasiri

It has been about a week since I went with Kopa and he has taught me everything he knows.

Well,It's time for you to go,Anya. Kopa said and I smiled

Thanks..Uncle Kopa. I said,then started walking as I heard afua say,Uncle?

I walk across the grasslands until I heard rustling.I looked around,but instead found one female Hyena.She looked about my dads age,my a bit older.

Who are you? I asked

Im Jasiri...I believe I met your father,Kion. She said and I blinked.

You know him? I asked and she giggled.

Yeah..since I was a pup. Jasiri said.

Wanna meet him again? I asked and she blinked.

Really? She asked and I nodded,SURE!

we reached priderock and I was immediatly Hugged by my mom and Dad As I heard my grandmother,Nala.

You're finally back! She said,relieved.

my dad looked at Jasiri.

Jasiri? He said and Jasiri nodded,How have you been?

I've been good,Kion...See you found yourself a interspecies family..pretty impressive and rare. Jasiri said and My dad chuckled.

I know...kinda weird when you think about it,but oh well. He said.

I rolled my eyes at this and he turned to me,then back to Jasiri.

Do you wanna stay in the pridelands? He asked Jasiri and she nodded.

Everything was good again...I just hoped it would stay that way forever.

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