Title:Rainfall(part 1)
Main Character:Anya
Other Characters:Kion,Kiara,Nazir(mentioned),Kopa,Afua(mentioned),Aina(Mentioned) and Zazu(Mentioned)

I was running out of Pride rock's den before I was stopped by my dad,Kion.

Where ya going, Anya? He says and I chuckle

I'm going to visit Aina...if that's ok with you. I say and he smiles.

It sure is, my angel! He says.

However, Im called over by Kiara and about...30 Minutes later, It rains hard while Im running through the pridelands.

Ok, This is wet. I said with annoyance in my voice.It started fogging and my eyes widened.

What's going on? I said as I looked around,then continued walking.I had a feeling of Uneasiness as my ears began to come down as I got hammered by the rain.

Mom?Dad? I said as I walked.

N-Nazir? I said as my hopes began to slowly drop, Aina?

I heard Rustling in some bushes Nearby and went to check it out,only to be tackled as I fell unconcious.

I woke up to see 3 Dead Hyenas and a Lion with a brown mane standing above them.I shrieked as I backed up a bunch and Looked at the Lion.

Mom told me about someone named Kopa that looks just like... my eyes widened,So That's The Kopa mom told me about?

Excuse me...are you Kopa? I asked the Lion and he nodded.

and I suppose that you are Fuli and Kion's daughter.. He said and I blinked.

How Did you- I begin,but he raises a paw

Zazu told me when he visited my pride...I came with my Lionesses and Afua to visit Fuli,But It's nice to meet you. He explained.

oh...Zazu. I said as I rolled my Eyes.I was never liked by Zazu and I never liked him that much.

Kion looked at my mark of the lion guard.

Hey...Fuli had that mark. He said as he examined the mark,I'm guessing you are the group's leader?

I nodded.

I've been leader for a few weeks now. I said

Come with me...I will teach you everything there is to know about leadership. He said and walked through the fog as I followed him.

This will be a long day.

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