Title: Proving Spots
Main Character: Anya
Other Characters: Trotzen,  Mkali, Aina, Nguvu, Nuka and Kion

I was laying down in the lair of the lion guard.

There is Nothing to do today! I yell at myself.

Maybe not nothing Trotzen said as he ran over to me.

What's wrong Trotzen? I ask

Zheres Trouble at Zhe Border, Anya. Trtozen said to me and I roll my eyes.

Ok..get everyone else. I order and he does so.

Turns out, what was at the border was a Brownish Lion that look beat up.

OH GOD, FINALLY, A PLACE WITHOUT TERMITES! I heard the Lion yell.I blinked for a few moments.

Uh...Who are you? I ask and the lion looks at me.

I am Nuka, Son of Zira. he said and I raised an eyebrow.

Son of Zira...ok...Why a- I begin, but I hear a roar.

Anya! My father says as he jumps between me and Nuka, then pins Nuka down.

You... my father says through gritted teeth to a terrified Nuka.

Oh, Uh-Uh-Hi...Kion.Hehe... Nuka said.

Why shouldn't I kill you after what you did to me?You know better than anyone that I'm still capable of killing you even without the roar!my father said.

Hyenas then came out of the bushes.

LION GUARD!GO! I order and me, Trotzen, Mkali, Nguvu and Aina attack the Hyenas, TROTZEN, ON MY BACK!

On my Vay! Trotzen says and he jumps onto my back.

I ran into a forest with Hyenas On my tail.

Trotzen, Into the tree. I whispered and he jumped into a tree as I hid in a bush.

Come out, Come out, wherever you are... One of the Hyenas said and I nodded to Trotzen, who jumped down and landed on the Hyenas eye.

AHHH!MY EYE!! The Hyena said, then Nguvu came in and charged into the Hyenas.

AINA, FOLLOW ME! I yell and Aina comes to me.We both then chase the remaining Hyenas out of the pridelands as my father defeats Nuka, who runs off.I then stand on a hill and roar, ensuring that they never come back.

or at least...I hope it would.

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