Title:Picking the members
Main Character:Anya
Other Characters:Trotzen,Mkali,Nguvu,Aina

I went over to one of my friends named Trotzen,a mongoose.

I got you now,snake! I heard him say as he caught a snake and ate it.

Hi,Trotzen! I say to him and he smiles.

Hey,Anya! he says back.

Do you wanna join the Lion Guard? I ask him and he raises an eyebrow.

Zhe Lion Guard?Vhat's zhat? He asks in his thick german accent

Its a team that protects the pridelands and defends the circle of life..and im its leader. I say and he puts his hand on his chin.

I guess.... He says and I smile.

'Me and him travel to a nest where another one fo my friends are.

Hey,Mkali! I yell and Mkali,a Shikra,flies over to me.

Hey,Sister! Mkali says.Me and Mkali are like sisters,thats why she always calls me 'Sister'

Do you wanna join the Lion Guard? I ask and she nods.

We then travel to the cheetah area..

Hey,Aina!You here?! I yell and Aina,my best friend,comes out.

Its 9:00 in the morning,Anya,what is it? Aina says.

Do you wanna join the lion guard? I ask and she raises an eyebrow.

The Lion Guard?I thought that was a mere legend passed down from generation to generation. She says and Shake my head.

Its an actual thing,Aina!You are the fastest animal I know! I say and she shrugs,then walks over to me.

Fine...Im in. She says and I grin.

What about Nguvu?Hes the strongest Animal in the pridelands. Aina asks and I think about it.Yes,Nguvu the Rhino was indeed the strongest Animal in the pridelands.

Ok...lets go get him! I yell and Aina cheers.She was very good friends with Nguvu and so was I.

so we get to The waterhole and find Nguvu.Nguvu was roughly 2 months older than Nazir(therefore making me the youngest on the team)

Hey,Nguvu! I yell and he turns to me.

Yo,Anya!Hows it goin? He asks and I shrug,then explain what I want.

You want me to join the legendary Lion Guard? He asks and I nod,Ok,I guess...but I better get something out of this.

'Oh,You will... I say to him,then keep walking, all of us will...


Anya-4 months

Aina-4 1/2 Months

Trotzen-5 onths

Mguvu-7 months

Mkali-6 months

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